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Airbus A 330 Prestige

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Model Information

Model:A 330 Prestige
Maximum range (km)15400
Cruising Speed (km / h)918.00
Maximum speed (km / h)918.00
Maximum altitude (m)12497.00
MTOW (kg)230000
Interior Features:
Cabin Length (m)45.00
Headroom (m)528.00
The origin of the A330 refers to the 1970s as one of several conceived derivative of the first airliner Airbus, in the A300 . The A330 was developed in parallel with the А340 , which a lot of common airframe components, but differed according to the number of engines. Both airliner included a fly-by-wire flight control technology, for the first time presented at the aircraft with Airbus A320 aircraft , as well as six-display A320 in a glass cockpit . In June 1987, after the receipt of orders from different customers, Airbus began A330 and A340. A330 was the first airliner Airbus to be offered with a choice of three engines: General Electric and Rolls-Royce.
A330-300 aircraft, the first option, took its first flight in November 1992 and entered the service of passengers with air inter in January 1994. In response to declining sales, Airbus was followed by a little shorter, A330-200 version in 1998, which proved to be more popular. Subsequently developed A330 options include dedicated to cargo , A330-200FS, and military tanker , the A330 MRTT . A330 MRTT formed the basis of the proposed KC-45 , joined the U.S. air force KC-X competition together with Northrop Grumman , where after the initial win on appeal, lost the Boeing tanker.
Since its launch, A330 Airbus allowed to expand the share in the market of wide-body Airliners. The airline chose the A330 for the replacement of less efficient trijets and in comparison with the rival twinjets. Boeing offered variants of the 767 and 777 , as competitors, as well as the 787 , which is planned to be put into operation in the end of 2011. Airbus in the A350 will also share this wide-bodied airliner market. As of July 2011 to Order the book A330 was 1 155, of which 802 were delivered. The largest operator of Cathay Pacific with 33 aircraft. A330 expected to sell at least until 2015.

A330-300 aircraft, the original version, from the us Airways removing
A330-300, which was launched in 1993, was designed as a replacement for the A300. It is based on a stretched A300-600 fuselage 63,69 m (208 feet 11 inches) in length, but with new wings, stabilizers and fly by wire systems. -300 Carries 295 passengers in a three-class cabin layout, 335 in двухклассной, or 440 in a single-class layout. He has a range of 10500 km (5700 NMI). -300 Has greater load carrying capacity, comparable to the early Boeing 747 . He works in a choice of two General Electric CF6-80E, or the Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engines, each of which ETOPS-180 on the rating.
As of July 2011, 532-300 were ordered, 368 of which were delivered, with 367 remaining in operation. 2011 list price is $ 222 500 000. closest competitors were Boeing 777-200 and now, out of its own production McDonnell Douglas MD-11 . Airbus plans to two-ton increase in the maximum gross weight-300.

EgyptAir A330-200 with landing. The lack of a Central line of the main landing gear is different A330 from the A340.
A330-200 is a condensed, greater range option, which went into service in 1998. A typical range of flight 253 passengers in a three-class configuration 13400 km (7200 NMI). A330-200 in ten of the fuselage frames shorter than the original -300, and the length of 58,82 m (193 ft 0 in). To compensate for the smaller shoulder the moment of a short fuselage, vertical stabilizer height of the -200 was increased by 104 cm (41 in.). -200 «with the wing was also changed; structural strengthening of the wing allowed a maximum take-off weight -200 shall be increased to 229,8 thousand tons (507 thousand pounds). -200 is offered with three types of engines, such found on the -300, namely General Electric CF6-80E or Rolls-Royce Trent 700. Airbus also increased the supply of fuel with the help of the Central part of the 139 100 l (36 700 us Gal ) fuel tank capacity, standard in the A340.
As of July 2011, 566 -200 was ordered, 427 of which were taken from 423 aircraft is still in force. 2011 list price is $ 200 800 000. of the changes in the -200 significantly improve the economy of the aircraft and made a version of the more popular, than with the four-engine A340. -200 competes with Boeing 767-300ER and to a lesser extent 767-400ER . the 787 Dreamliner is a future event. A330-200 is also available in an ultra-distant corporate aircraft from Airbus Executive and private aviation that are implemented as A330-200 Prestige. A330-200FS

The first A330-200FS Airbus in the initial climb, with the chassis still drawing. The bulge under the nose holds more of the chassis, which was added in the right inherent in the nose down passenger versions
A330-200FS is an all-cargo derivative of the A330-200, capable to carry 65 tons (140 000 pounds) compared with 7400 km (4000 NMI) or 70 tons (of 150,000 pounds) to 5900 km (3200 NMI). In order to overcome the standard A330 nose down the body corner of the earth, A330F uses the revised nose running gear layout to provide the level of the deck during loading. Normal A330-200 chassis is used, but its mounting points below the fuselage, which requires a distinctive fairing the blister on his nose, in order to adapt refused to nose gear. Power is provided by two rolls - Royce Trent 700 engines. General Electric has no plans to offer the engine for the A330-200FS.
As of July 2011 Airbus was 57 firm orders, 7 of which were delivered. Price is 203,6 million.. How and new construction cargo, Airbus proposed passenger to freighter conversion of existing -200 Airliners. Comparable charterers-200FS include Boeing 767-300F .
In 2008, Airbus has issued plans higher gross weight version of the A330-200, in order to more effectively compete with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. new construction A330-200HGW was 5 ton increase in the maximum take-off weight that allows you to 560 kilometers (300 NMI) increase the range and 3.4 tons (7500 pounds) of payload увеличиваются. Korean Air has become the first client of February 27, 2009, ordering six 200HGWs. Delivery of the first aircraft started in 2010.

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