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Interesting facts about airplanes and aircraft construction

When the Wright brothers invented the first airplane in 1903, they had no idea that the aviation industry would become an extremely profitable business 100 years later. In addition, the aircraft made a huge leap forward. While the Wright brothers aircraft flew only about 35 meters, the modern Boeing 787 can fly more than 16 thousand kilometers at one gas station. In our review, little-known and very interesting facts about the aircraft industry.
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1. When was the first controlled human flight on the machine heavier than air with the engine.

December 17, 1903 an event that can be considered the starting point in the history of aviation. It was on this day that the first controlled human flight on the apparatus heavier than air with the engine took place. Its creators were brothers Wilbur Wright (Wilbur Wright) and Orville Wright (Orville Wright). Interestingly, none of these talented inventors even graduated from high school. Prior to his passion for designing airplanes, the brothers worked in his own bike shop and shop, where they sold printing presses, bicycles, engines and other mechanisms. However, many experts believe that the main merit of the Wright brothers is not the first flight, the priority of which is disputed, but the opening of three axes of rotation of the aircraft, which allowed the pilots to effectively control the aircraft and maintain its balance during the flight.

2. Is it dangerous or not to fly a plane? Many people are afraid to fly, but statistics say that air travel is the safest mode of transport. According to ICAO (International civil aviation organization) estimates, there is only one incident per million flights. The probability that the passenger who boarded the plane will die in a plane crash is about 1/8 000 000. This means that if the passenger will sit down every day on a random flight, he will need to fly as much as 21 000 years to just die in the crash.

3. How many people of the world population of the planet flew on the plane? Every day more than 3 million people fly on passenger planes all over the world. On a normal day, every 2 seconds, one plane takes off or lands somewhere. Every year, more than 5 billion people are transported by air. However, statistics show that only 5% of the world's population has ever flown an airplane.

4. How long does the shortest regular flight take?

The shortest flight is operated by Loganair between the Islands of Westray and Papa Westray in Scotland. The eight-seat aircraft overcomes this route in about 2 minutes, and with a tailwind time can be reduced to 47 seconds. If we talk about international flights, the shortest flight is from Swiss St. Gallen to German Friedrichshafen. Travel time is 8 minutes instead of an hour with a little around lake Constance by car or via ferry.

5. Why the American pilot of the Second World was proud of the downed American freighter?

American pilot of the Second World war, Louis Kerds shot down ten aircraft, as mentioned on Board his "Mustang" signs. In addition to the symbols of the Nazi coalition among these signs was the us flag. The pilot earned it during the reconnaissance mission: noticing holding a course at the airport of the island of Batan American transport, Kerds tried to warn his pilots that the object is controlled by the Japanese, but they did not react. Knowing about the ill-treatment of the Japanese prisoners, Kerds carefully knocked out both engines of the Transporter, which fell into the water. All on Board were able to get to the life rafts and were picked up by a seaplane.

6. Who and when attacked ground targets with aircraft Darts?

In combat aircraft against ground targets used not only bombs and missiles. During the First World war, fleshettes or metal Darts were widely used. Pointed arrows the size of a pencil, being thrown out of special cassettes, at approach to the earth developed lethal speed and force and effectively struck clusters of infantry or cavalry, and the whistle accompanying their approach was some kind of mental attack on people and horses. The fleshettes were invented by the French and were also adopted by the German and Russian armies.

7. What was the subject of the dispute between the commander and the crew that caused the crash of the Soviet aircraft?

On October 20, 1986, the Tu-134, flying from Sverdlovsk to Grozny, was to make an intermediate landing in Kuibyshev. The commander argued with the crew that he could land the plane blindly, focusing only on the readings. Making a mistake in the calculations, he landed at the wrong angle, causing the plane passed without landing gear on the runway, went to the ground, turned over and caught fire. The co-pilot's observation window was not closed by a metal curtain, but it did not interfere with the actions of the first. Of the 94 passengers and crew survived only 24.

8. Where did the expression "like plywood over Paris"come from?

The expression "like plywood over Paris" has been found in literary sources since the mid-1970s. Most likely, it owes its appearance to the 1975 film "Balloonist" — a biographical drama about the fighter and circus artist Ivan Zaikin, who decided to give up everything and become an Aviator. He goes to study in Paris, and in one of the episodes he manages to climb into the sky on a plywood airplane. The film ends with a plane crash and other failures of the protagonist.

9. How did a supersonic fighter pilot shoot himself?

In 1956, the pilot of the American supersonic fighter F-11 "tiger" Tom Etridge went on a test flight. His task was to gain a height of 6 km and begin to decline, then give a volley of guns at around 4 km and repeat the volley at an altitude of 2 km.a few seconds after the second shot, Etridge felt a blow, after some time the engines shut down, but the pilot had already flown to the airport and was able to make an emergency landing and survive. The investigation of the incident revealed that the plane hit his own bullets fired in the first volley.

10. How were the detection of enemy aircraft before the invention of the radar?

Before the invention of radar detection of approaching enemy aircraft engaged in special "hearing". Their equipment varied in different armies, but the principle was the same: large microphones, the position of which in space could be adjusted, transmitted sound to the ears of the operator. In other words, the determination of the position of air objects was carried out with the help of huge stethoscopes.

11. Why pilots at the dawn of aviation massively wore silk scarves?

At the dawn of aviation pilots did not have many devices to track enemies, so they constantly had to turn their heads, looking for enemy aircraft. To neck not rubbed on the collar, in the uniforms of the pilots were introduced silk scarves. Many pilots wear scarves to this day, although they now have no functional purpose.

12. Where and when did the pilot successfully land the two-plane hitch?

In 1940 year in the sky over Australia faced two patrol aircraft Avro Anson. The accident did not lead to an explosion — the planes just clashed with each other. The pilot and two navigators of the lower Anson immediately jumped out with parachutes, but the pilot of the upper Leonard fuller found that he could still control the car even with such a ballast, especially since the engine of the lower aircraft continued to work. As a result, the pilot made a successful emergency landing in the field, and both Anson were subsequently repaired and returned to service.

13. Which Belgian was killed by a Soviet fighter in 1989?

July 4, 1989 19-year-old Belgian Vim Delare died after his farm in the middle of a white day fell Soviet fighter. MiG-23 took off from the airport in Poland, soon there was an emergency situation on Board, which the pilot perceived as a shutdown of the engine and ejected. Immediately after that, the engine began to gain momentum again, the plane stopped falling, flying towards the GDR and falling only in Belgium due to the fact that the fuel ran out.

14. On what aircraft and why set the periscope?

Soviet supersonic bomber T-4 was developed as an effective weapon against American aircraft carriers. When flying at altitudes up to 24 km, it could reach speeds of 3,000 km/h below the radar of the enemy had not time to give the aircraft anti-aircraft missiles. Such technical requirements demanded from designers of several extraordinary decisions, among which-the rejected bow. At extreme altitudes and speeds, the nose part rose to reduce resistance, and the pilot could control the aircraft only by instruments, but during take-off and landing the nose deviated and provided an overview. And in the event of an emergency failure of the nose of the T-4 was equipped with retractable up over the cockpit periscope.

15. Where and when was the flying tank designed and tested?

During the Second World war in the USSR was working on the creation of an aircraft based on the a-40 tank. During the flight tests, the tanker was towed by TB-3 and was able to climb to a height of 40 meters. It was assumed that after disengaging the tow rope, the tank should independently plan to the desired point, drop the wings and immediately engage in battle. The project was closed due to the lack of more powerful tugboats, which were necessary to solve more important tasks.

16. Why was the full version of" rain Man " shown only on Qantas aircraft?

The protagonist of the film "rain Man" said that would fly only on the aircraft of the Australian company Qantas, as they have never crashed. This is partly true: the accident this carrier happened only until 1951 and only on biplanes, and passenger liners in an accident that would have caused the death of passengers, did not get. All airlines except Qantas have cut this scene out of the movie version for display during the flight.

17. Why the usual food on the plane has a completely different taste?

Many aircraft passengers perceive the taste of familiar food in a completely different way. The reason for this is the noise of the flight. With a high level of noise, the food seems less salty and sweet, but more crispy.

18. Why German bomber Junkers Yu-87 was equipped with a loud siren?

In the German bomber during the Second World war, Junkers Yu-87 was provided with a siren, which was driven by a stream of incoming air. She howled loudly during the dive and was intended for the psychological impact on the enemy, but also to determine the speed of the dive by the tone of the sound without having to look at the instruments.

19. What does the star on the Mercedes-Benz logo symbolize?

The three-beam star on the Mercedes-Benz logo, designed in 1909, symbolizes the success of the brand on land, in water and in the air. This is due to the fact that the owner of the brand Daimler company produced in addition to cars, marine and aircraft engines.

20. Why the BMW logo shows a propeller of a plane?

The BMW logo is inherited from its "parent", Rapp Motorenwerke, and the circle segments were painted white and blue because these colors are symbolic for Bavaria, where the production is located. Later, BMW marketers came up with the legend that the logo shows a stylized white propeller airplane, dissecting the blue sky. The fact that BMW was originally created for the production of aircraft engines, and only 10 years later began production of cars.

Source: Fishki.net

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