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Gulfstream G150

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Aircraft information:

Side number:D-CKDM
Base airport (city):Stuttgart, Echterdingen (STR), Germany
Maximum range: (km)5467
Cruising Speed: (km / h)870.00
Maximum speed: (km / h)870.00
Maximum altitude: (m)13716.00
MTOW: (kg)11839
Interior Features:
Cabin Length: (m)5.00
Interior width: (m)1.00
Headroom: (m)1.00
7 Passenger Seats in Ivory Leather, beige Carpet and lower Sidewalls, tan upper Sidewalls, Cabinetry, Tables and Woodwork in high-gloss Walnut wood veneer, Forward Galley with Microwave Oven, two hot liquid container and 115 V outlet, forward two Place Divan, Single, Forward Facing Seat with Table, Aft four Place Club Seats, Aft Belted Lavatory and Vanity
Gulfstream G150 took the market place of obsolete Gulfstream G100, which until 2001, was called Astra and was produced Israeli company IAI. Gulfstream not go in the ways of modifying the G100, and made an absolutely new aircraft. As Astra, it was developed in Israel. Officially the beginning of the project, the G150 was announced in September 2002. The first flight of the aircraft performed in may, 2005. and in November was received type certificate of American and Israeli aviation authorities. Certification according to European norms should be completed by the end of 2006.

The plane has a design of the wing, гасящую turbulence. He is able to fly at an altitude of 13720 meters. New efficient engines Honeywell TFE731-40AR-200G allow to increase the flight range up to 5467 kilometers. When flying with M=0,85 this aircraft has the best performance in its class. On the economic speed with M=0,75 he can easily fly 2700 miles (5 000 km) with four passengers on Board. The plane is offered in three configurations the passenger compartment and is designed to carry six to nine people.

In August 2006, began operation of the first serial Gulfstream G150, business aircraft midsize class. This Board is used by Gulfstream Aerospace like an airplane-demonstrator.

With the beginning of operation of the first serial G150 the company announced an increase in its flight range of 460 km in comparison with the project. Now for the G150 with four passengers and two crew members of flight range is 5460 km at a speed of 0,75M - quite enough for the execution of the flight, for example, from Moscow to London. This became possible thanks to a change in the design of a motor, which led to the reduction of air resistance, as well as a reduction of 45 kg of the weight of "filling" the passenger compartment. Now the plane G150 when fully loaded need to take off a runway length of 1525 m (decrease by 14%), and for the landing - length 878 m (a decrease of 16%).

The catalogue cost of the car is 13 million. Representatives of the company Gulfstream called the G150 the fastest and spacious aircraft in its class, as its maximum speed is 0,85M, and an oval cross-section of the fuselage has allowed to increase the free space above the heads of the passengers.

The aircraft is equipped with modern avionics Collins Pro Line 21, which provides additional security. Gulfstream G150 - a fine example of a modern, high-tech business jet that meets the stringent requirements of the international safety standards and competition in the market of business aviation.

In the standard conditions of the G150 can fly with a maximum take-off weight, gain altitude 12500 m for cruising flight and then climb up to the height of 13500 m, which is much higher altitude normal commercial aircraft. And even with such characteristics, the G150 can boast the lowest operating costs in its class.

In the design engineers were able to use to the maximum all the inner space. For the relatively small size of the aircraft provides passengers by comfortable conditions. Passenger cabin can accommodate six to eight passengers depending on the configuration of the interior. Gulfstream G150 has a spacious salon, which allows passengers to stand at full height, and a fairly wide aisle between the seats. In the end of the salon are located dressing room and Luggage compartment. Well equipped with on-Board kitchen has plenty of space for food and drinks. Additional storage compartment is located in a tail part of the plane. Passengers have a great choice of entertainment: CD - and DVD-players, electronic games, system Airshow.

According to the management of Gulfstream, the company has already formed the portfolio of orders, sufficient for downloading of production capacities in the year ahead. Given the growth in demand for aircraft class midsize, Gulfstream expect significant sales growth. Only in 2005 were delivered to customers around 120 direct competitors G150: aircraft, Bombardier Learjet 60, Cessna Citation Sovereign and Hawker 800XP/850XP.

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companyyear price Side number
Businness Aviation Group 20078500000$ D-CKDM
Сфера Джет 2011 M-GASG

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