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Houseboat: the best home to live and travel in!

Houseboat-from the English "house" and "boat", that is, it is a mixture of a house and a boat. In our view, what we are building is 90% a house and 10% a boat. This phenomenon is developed all over the world, but in Russia it is still new.
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Such fantastic, comfortable and quite affordable "arks" already exist in Russia. The authorship of the floating dwellings belongs to a Russian-Danish company Houseboat.ru.

Self-propelled house on the water for year-round living, with autonomous life support systems will allow you to go on a visit to friends or on a trip even without leaving home. By the way, such a house on the water can be located just a few minutes from the metro.

Houseboat-as movable-real estate.

The cost of such a houseboat relative to its size and degree of convenience can suit the owner with any income. The dimensions of the house on the floats do not even make sense to compare with the size of the yacht. The superstructure of the houseboat is made of non-flammable sandwich panels that are 6 times lighter than water. The furnishings of the rooms and bathrooms are no different from the traditional ones in the "land" sense of the dwelling, including the ceiling height, in the houseboat, here they are 2.5 m. The floats on which the houseboat is installed are made of 5 mm steel, and for reliability they are divided into compartments and equipped with an automatic pump. The design of the floats allows the houseboat to winter in the ice without any problems.

Company Houseboat.ru designed and built the first innovative houseboat in Russia and the world for year-round living with comfort in the temperature range from -50 to +40°C at different geographical latitudes.

Floating houses are able to freeze in the ice, the houseboat takes heat and water from under the ice, electricity - from solar energy. In addition to comfort and functionality, the company has paid considerable attention to the design of its vessels, and their range is constantly expanding. To date, just three flagship models are very popular.

The interior of small vessels-apartments looks very stylish and homely. On the upper platform there is a place for the helicopter to land. On the deck, in good weather, you can arrange sun loungers for relaxing or partying.

As for the permits, houseboats that do not exceed twenty meters in length are registered in the GIMS as an ordinary small vessel. The owner of the house on the water simply receives a ship's ticket and a GIMS license. However, unlike car licenses, it is much easier to pass the exam for "water" rights.

There will be no fighting for a place in the parking lot – as there are not so many owners of houseboats, and in the winter there will be no competition for yachts, since they, unlike the houseboat, are lifted ashore.

From taxes, only transport, as well as on the car, depends on the engine power. A square meter of such "movable real estate" costs from 150 thousand rubles, which is quite competitive with the cost of apartments.

The cost of the most expensive parking lot for Moscow, including electricity and security, is 30-40 thousand rubles a month, and maintenance of life support systems does not exceed 12 - 20 thousand rubles a year.

Given what is happening in the world today, it is extremely difficult to find low-risk and profitable investment instruments.

Houseboats as a new type of real estate on the water is just such a topic. The presence of vast expanses of water and the complexity of coastal development open up limitless opportunities for the houseboat market.

The new project of houses on the water solves not only the housing problem, it is also interesting from the point of view of investment for renting to tourists. The tourist potential of cities with millions of inhabitants is interested in using houseboats for floating hotels, which will undoubtedly be very popular. There are a lot of various attractions along the water, and hotels are clearly not enough, and floating apartments will successfully make up for the lack of available places.

The houseboat is ideal for family holidays, friendly and corporate parties, presentations and master classes, etc. And the houseboat has one big plus-it's a calm atmosphere. You can always stand in any secluded green place and enjoy the natural sounds of nature.

When you have a houseboat, you can change not only the picture outside the window, but also the neighbors.

What kind of view you will have from the window tomorrow is up to you to choose !

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